General Connectivity

HomeBiogas provides a heat output of around 2 kw. A typical burner usually needs a heat input of 1-2 kw. Please verify your stove’s specification, and be aware that if the burners collectively consume over 2 kw, then two burners working simultaneously will have a lower flame. Therefore, it is recommended to connect to a stove with no more than 2 flames.

Stove Types


Table-Top Option

One option is to connect HomeBiogas to a table-top stove. The benefit of choosing this option is that the stove is portable and you can move the it according to your kitchen needs. The table-top stove can even be placed in your backyard.

Built-In Option

Another option is to use two double burner stoves that are built-in to your countertop. The double burners should be adjacent to one another, so that one set of burners is connected to commercial gas, and one set of burners is connected to HomeBiogas.

Easily Convert Your Stove


Conventional table-top stoves and built-in stoves need to be converted to support biogas.  To convert a stove to support biogas: remove the nozzle completely, or enlarge the nozzle hole. Make sure that the stove you buy has a nozzle that is removable, if the nozzle is not removable, please select a different stove.


Since the gas characteristics and pressure are different between biogas and other gases, it is not recommended to switch between using biogas and using a LPG cylinder. Therefore, it is recommended to use 1-2 burners for biogas in addition to your current electric / LPG stove.


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