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The HomeBiogas System


In the newest generation of household biogas systems, it has never been easier to turn your waste into energy! Just toss your food scraps and/or animal waste into the system and generate up to 2 hours of renewable cooking gas and all-natural liquid fertilizer daily.   HomeBiogas provides the ultimate experience: quick assembly, low-maintenance, durability, and convenient use.   Join the family, and start producing homemade energy today!   * HomeBiogas preforms well when the average temperature is above 20ºC.
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Product Description

– International shipping available

– Please Note: Shipping may take Up to 60 days from date of purchase

– HomeBiogas comes as a “do-it-yourself” kit and can be assembled in any backyard

– Almost all gas stoves can be adapted for biogas in two easy steps

– ALL food waste can be thrown in (including meat, dairy, and bones)

– Fertilizer output is an abundant, nutritious & all-natural companion to your gardening needs.

Start producing your very own gas and fertilizer today!

Additional Information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 165 x 100 x 127 cm
Total Volume

2.1m3 (Cubic-meter)

Maximum daily quantity of kitchen waste (*)

6 liters (1.5gals)

Maximum daily quantity of animal manure (*)

18 liters (4.5 gals)

Nominal daily gas output

600 liters (150 gal.)

Nominal gas pressure at system outlet

15 millibar

Typical stove cooking time (single flame)

2-4 Hours

Typical daily quantity of fertilizer produced

Up to 15 liters

Dimensions (cm) (W x H x L)


Gas Pipe Length

7.5m (24ft)

Weight (empty)

Less than 35kg

Water tank volume

650 liters

Lowest average daily temperature

20° C (66° F)

Please note:

(*) The system accepts any combination of kitchen waste and animal manure. Example: 3 liters of food
waste and 7 liters of animal manure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is HomeBiogas Safe?

HomeBiogas is not only safe, it is safer than LPG and propane for several reasons.

1. Methane needs a very high concentration (50%) in a very small space to be flammable. That means that the moment it gets released into the air it loses its ability to ignite. The HomeBiogas unit is recommended for outdoor use only to ensure that any potential gas leak diffuses into the atmosphere instantaneously.

2. Methane is lighter than air. Unlike LPG and propane, which sink to the ground and stay in a given space, biogas diffuses upwards to the sky leaving the premise immediately

3. If surplus gas accumulates, HomeBiogas has a slow release valve to release pressure gradually (and therefore preventing flammability).

4. Biogas is not compressed; therefore, the amount of gas you have at a full tank of HomeBiogas is a relatively small quantity compared to gas cylinders. At the unlikely change that the system leaks and ignites, it can only produce a momentary flame.

5. Furthermore, the gas tank sits on top of the liquid digestion tank (700 liters). At the off-chance that a system found a way to produce a fire, the water would also put it out immediately.

2) What about cold weather?

The gas-producing bacteria function best at temperatures above 20 ºC. For temperatures between 3 ºC and 20 ºC, an aquarium water heater can be installed. The system cannot be installed where temperatures drop below freezing.

3) Can HomeBiogas work on my stove?

Any gas stove can be adapted for biogas by removing the pressure nozzle. However, a single stovetop unit (with one entry pipe) cannot be fed by both biogas and LPG/Propane gas.

4) Does HomeBiogas smell?

HomeBiogas is a smell-free system. The HomeBiogas unit is completely sealed, and has two filters- one to clean gas from hydrogen sulfide and one at the fertilizer output.