Waste-to-Energy Systems Installed In Uganda Orphanage

In January 2016, Homebiogas installed the innovative biogas system in the Buvundya Orphanage in Uganda. The small-scale biogas system, which turns kitchen scraps and animal manure into clean cooking gas will help feed the vulnerable children living in the Orphanage, which is located in a very remote area.

HomeBigoas Uganda
Setting up the system

By installing the system, the children will be safer and healthier. The biogas produced by the system is funneled to a clean cook stove, which  is much safer than cooking over open-fires and does not cause indoor air pollution. In addition, the children will have the chance to learn about clean energy and environmental issues. The HomeBiogas system acts an educational example of a renewable energy technology that reduces air pollution and carbon footprint of the fuel industry.

Mixing food waste with water

The system converts organic waste into enough biogas for 2 hours of cooking a day. In addition, it generates a concentrated liquid fertilizer, as a by-product. This fertilizer can be used to grow healthier and stronger veggies in the orphanage’s backyard garden.

“These children lit up as if they were watching a magic trick happening” said Yair Teller, the company cofounder and chief scientist. “They were absolutely amazed, at discovering how they produce their own energy from their own food leftovers.”


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