The Young Urban Family – Orit & Zeri Hazan

Orit is a Project Manager in the financial field and her husband Zeri is an Intellectual Property Lawyer. They have three children and live in a one story house in northern Tel Aviv. They are proud to be the first HomeBiogas users in Tel Aviv.

Orit’s Kitchen

Hazan Home life

The house is beautifully designed, warm and spacious. The backyard is small yet charming, and despite the limited space there’s a children’s swing, a vegetable garden, and a chicken coop. “Around sixty percent of our cooking is done on biogas. We’re not vegetarian, we eat everything. We grow and eat all kinds of things– eggs, tomatoes, cilantro. We love Cilantro! We are making up for the calories consumption with family bicycle trips around town and the fields in the eastern end of Tel Aviv.” 

Orit’s backyard

“It amazes me how much garbage a family produces, that why  it’s important for us to recycle. We got hooked on HomeBiogas because of how innovative it is. It’s a miracle – generating clean energy inside your own home! And in my opinion, the food comes out more delicious when you cook with homemade biogas.”


Incorporation of HomeBiogas

The house went through renovation and the kitchen was planned specially to incorporate the HomeBiogas system. The kitchen counter has two separate two-burner stoves installed. One is connected to regular LPG cooking gas and the second is connected to the HomeBiogas system.

“We’re so proud of it and show it to anyone who visits. It’s also important to say that we are a live demonstration of the feasibility of using the system in the city. Anyone who owns even the smallest of back yards, even in central Tel Aviv, can produce their own biogas.”

HomeBiogas in the Backyard
one for biogas, one LPG