When Tracy Met HomeBiogas

Tracy was one of the first people in the US to get the HomeBiogas system. She lives in Dunedin, Florida with her husband and two sons. Among other things, Tracy is the Strategic Planner/Retreat Coordinator a of the company Mind, Body & Earth and the faculty co-advisor of the Environmental Club at St. Petersburg College.  She is involved with several environmental groups and is simply a connector and “doer” by nature! 

Tracy HomeBiogas Customer
Meet Tracy 

Tracy contributed to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign because she believes that ordinary people can and should start using renewable energy. In her own words, Tracy explains, “My hopes were that once HomeBiogas was available on the market at a commercial level, people would choose to use it instead of relying on finite supplies of fossils fuels whose methods of extraction can be so detrimental to the environment. I wanted to be a part of the revolution that was sure to come!”


Since getting the HomeBiogas system Tracy has become an outspoken advocate for it. Why? Purely from her personal experience, she knows that it really, truly works! She installed the system with close attention to detail, to make sure that it was set-up correctly, and subsqequently fed it with her oganic waste. The food-eating bacteria and Florida heat did the rest! Here is Tracy’s video testimonial



HomeBiogas Replaced Composting

Prior to using the HomeBiogas system, Tracy and her family practiced backyard composting. She told us that after many months of comparing the two waste-disposal methods, she found HomeBiogas more convenient “because the system has no smell, doesn’t attract any pests and it can be located much closer to my kitchen.”


Besides the convenience factor, HomeBiogas bests composting by recycling the methane content of the decomposed food into cooking gas. Although Tracy doesn’t cook too much, she does use the homemade biogas to cooker her coffee and eggs every morning. She tells us, “My day begins right outside in my courtyard, surrounded by the aroma of jasmine and the sounds of birds singing, where I cook my breakfast with herbs from my garden and the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing my part to eliminate waste and reduce carbon emissions.” 


Besides being an early adopter and environmentalist, Tracy is also an active world traveler. She organizes frequent outdoor-activity retreats and eco-tours to Costa Rica and takes many trips around the the US. Currently she is traveling in Vietnam. Still, her HomeBiogas system is active and functioning during her absence. The bacteria in the flexible digester chamber continue to digest the food and produce gas and the duo-lined gas tank stores 600 liters of biogas. When Tracy returns from her travels, she will have biogas waiting and ready for use.     

Tracy and HomeBiogas

Tracy is happy to be a HomeBiogas customer.   She is optimistic for a greener future and tells us, “I can’t imagine the impact there would be if everyone adopted this sort of system for their own backyard!”