This Machine Is Good For the Planet and Will Change Your Life

Renewable energy is more popular now that it has ever been before. People across the world are beginning to take notice of its great potential to change our lives. With non-renewable resources like coal and oil expected to run dry, it is not only possible that we convert to renewable energy sources, but essential.  So you want to do your part and make the switch, but you can’t afford to drive a Tesla or install solar panels on your roof? No worries, we will introduce you to HomeBiogas 2.0: an appliance that will let you generate renewable energy and make you feel like the sustainable champion you have always wanted to be! 


This is HomeBiogas 2.0

Provides Renewable Energy

HomeBiogas has created a way for you to generate your own renewable energy right from your backyard, using just your trash! That’s right, this backyard appliance is affordable and easy to use, all you have to do is toss in your food waste and the tiny bacteria inside will break it down and supply your kitchen stove with biogas for cooking. Biogas is a renewable energy source, that is created naturally by the break-down of food.  By using HomeBiogas 2.0,  you can say goodbye to cooking with fossil fuels! 



But it doesn’t stop there. HomeBiogas does way more than just power your appliances. It will also provide you with a constant supply of organic fertilizer, divert your waste from landfills, and save you a pretty penny!



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Free Fertilizer

The HomeBiogas system has two great byproducts: biogas and a steady flow of rich, organic, liquid fertilizer! If you do any type of gardening, you know that this stuff is basically liquid gold. HomeBiogas fertilizer is packed with macro and micronutrients that can accelerate the growth rate of your plants and their resilience to diseases. Its liquid form makes for quick absorption by plants and a much easier application than spreading messy compost.  And what if you’re not into gardening? You can still take advantage of this amazing resource by bottling up the fertilizer, and giving it or selling it for a profit to friends and neighbors.


HomeBiogas fertilizer
Fertilizer made by HomeBiogas

Divert Waste from Landfills

The accumulation of waste in landfill sites around the world is a HUGE problem, literally! According to the EPA, Americans send almost 300 MILLION tons of waste to landfills every year, where it will sit for many years to come, constantly releasing mass amounts of a greenhouse gas mixture called “landfill gas”. What’s worse is that the majority of this waste is food waste, which mean – yep – it could have been turned into energy! Treating your own waste on-site with HomeBiogas is the responsible, eco-friendly, and obvious thing to do.



Save Money!

HomeBiogas 2.0 is not only remarkably cheaper than any other type of renewable energy, it will also pay for itself in just a few short years, or less! That’s because utilizing this free source of cooking gas will help you reduce or even eliminate your current gas and garbage service bills. Plus, you have the added opportunity to resell the fertilizer it produces.



If you’re eager to join to the renewable energy revolution, but you’re tired of being asked to withdraw your life savings to do so, take the easy route and start turning your waste into energy with the HomeBiogas appliance! To learn more, visit or fill out the form to get more information mailed to you.

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