The Eco Evangelist: Amir Elrom

Cooking on Biogas

Amir, 52, is an urban agriculture professional and sustainability evangelist. His partner Dorit is a pastry chef, undergoing a career shift into developmental therapy. Amir used to live in Vancouver, Canada, where they were very involved in the local green community. “I always had the green germ in me” he says, “the people and authorities in Vancouver were so aware of sustainability issues and challenges. I took off on my green path by ditching plastic bags, and ended up an environmental professional.” Back in Israel, Amir works as a sustainability consultant for urban agricultural, hydroponics projects, rehabilitating rivers, and other community projects.


Amir’s HomeBiogas



Amir was one of the first people who purchased the HomeBiogas systems in Israel.

“I met Oshik (the CEO) when he was still working on the prototype and asked to buy it as soon as it would be out on the market. We cook family meals on our homemade biogas every day. Sometimes I bring kitchen scraps from friends in a doggy bag, because I don’t want it to go into the landfills. I will freeze it and feed the system with it the next day.”

Amir says his children (ages 21,19,12) also love the HomeBiogas system and make a point of saving their dinner scraps for it. 


Plans for the future

Amir is planning to launch his own eco center in his backyard.

“We want to teach the community how to live a more green life, even in the middle a big city. HomeBiogas will help influence many people about reducing food waste and creating renewable energy.”