Texas Embraces HomeBiogas

Our US Marketing Manager Tracy recently had the good fortune to meet with some very knowledgeable and conscientious people in the Greater Austin area of Texas.  Her visit brought her to two different locations for two different reasons and both experiences have left her thankful and inspired. Here is more about her trip: 



My first stop was the capital city of Austin where I met with the hardworking team at the Zero Waste Division.  This team deserves a nice round of applause for the strides they have made toward achieving their progressive vision of a zero waste city.  One of the many ways Austin hopes to achieve this goal is through their Home Composting Rebate Program.  This program offers a $75 rebate to Austin residents who purchase composting systems, which reduce the amount of organic waste that is discarded into municipal waste management systems.  At-home composting systems turn “waste” into valuable resources right from your home, eliminates the need for garbage pick-up and transportation by the city, and keeps organic waste from piling up in landfills.  It’s a win-win situation for families, the city, and the environment!  

We are very happy to announce that our HomeBiogas system qualifies for this rebate!  The city will now include information on home scale biodigestion in their community composting classes and will reimburse $75 of the purchase price to those who buy a HomeBiogas system.  Kudos to the Zero Waste Division!  For more information, visit the Home Composting Rebate Program website.  



My next stop was Belton, Texas for the Mother Earth News Fair.  Being part of this exceptional convergence of leading sustainability experts and forward-thinking attendees was invigorating.  People came from hundreds of miles away seeking knowledge from the abundance of classes and presentations that occurred throughout the weekend and find eco-products that would increase their self-reliance and advance their sustainable living goals.  The interest in the HomeBiogas system spanned the generations and included people from all walks of life.  Some people had farm animals and were intrigued by the useful way to dispose of their waste.  Others grew organic food and had a deep appreciation for the natural liquid fertilizer that could be generated from their garden scraps.  Still others were trying to limit their use of propane or other fossil fuels and were amazed that they could generate their own free energy just from waste.


These young bright-eyed girls were originally attracted to the system for its whimsical, bounce-house appearance, but were even more intrigued by it when they learned about its functionality. 


Kids Learn About HomeBiogas at Texas fair
Kids Learn About HomeBiogas at Texas fair

Then there were the more experienced and wise visitors, like Kaydene pictured below.  She learned about biogas technology many years ago while travelling abroad and has been looking for a system like this for a long time.  She was happy to see the HomeBiogas system here at the fair and she looped back around several times with different people explaining its function. 



Aaron Savage, from the local radio station K101.7 took an exceptional interest in HomeBiogas.  After a brief radio interview about HomeBiogas and upon learning about its benefits, he remarked, “The biogas system was easily one of my favorite displays at the Mother Earth News Fair. Food waste is a huge problem here in the States a system like this is a fantastic way to make sure the leftovers and bones we usually toss in the trash without even thinking about it can be put to good use and I love that its byproduct is fertilizer for growing more food.”  We agree with you, Aaron!


Although the systems are typically purchased online because they are manufactured and shipped straight from Israel, some people made that online purchase right from the booth.  Dan Chiras, author of the Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy and many more books on sustainable living was one of them.  When asked about his thoughts on the HomeBiogas system, he commented,  

“Biogas is one of the most important renewable fuels vital to powering our future. Being able to generate your own biogas from organic materials in your own backyard is breathtakingly exciting and vital to anyone interested in living self sufficiently. I have been searching for a product like this for a long time and can’t wait to give it a try.” 



We can’t wait for you to try it either, Dan, and we’re honored to welcome you, your lovely wife, Linda, and many others from the Mother Earth News Fair and Austin’s  Home Composting Rebate Program, to the HomeBiogas family. I will never forget this Texan adventure and the sense of optimism that it left me with. I hope that I was able to do the same for the many people I met along the way and explained the wonders of biogas to. There truly is no vision of a sustainable future that does not include a system like HomeBiogas 2.0 which can both recycle waste and generate clean, renewable energy right from your home, and I am glad to see that so many people, cities, countries, and fairs are beginning to realize this.