Paying Homage to the Father of Permaculture

Bill Mollison Father of Permaculture

Tribute to The Father of Permaculture – Bill Molisson

This week, we lost the man who redefined sustainable living and ecological design; who seeded the earth and her inhabitants with tools to live in a harmonious and vibrant symbiosis. On September 24th, the “father of permaculture” Bill Mollison, passed away, leaving behind a legacy beyond measure.


Perma culture is a vast and glorious world that seeks to create abundance and support the life and health of humans and the planet simultaneously. Perma-culture integrates natural elements (such as plants, water, animals, and waste) into systems that nurture one another, revealing the remarkable perfection that surrounds us. Some may call it nature’s technology- strategically using the combined and diverse intelligence of ecosystems to generate productive and stable outcomes.  


Bill Mollison co-founded perma-culture (a combination of permanent agriculture or permanent culture) along with David Holmgren. 


May Bill Mollison’s memory be a blessing to the earth, to people, and the harmony that is perma culture.  

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