Our 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Products This Summer


Every day, new inventions and discoveries are wowing us with new and sometimes surreal innovations. Many of these disruptive technologies are changing the way we use services and products, and many are encouraging us to think a little greener about our consumption.

Below, check out our top 5 eco-friendly products for this summer. 


1. Anker Solar Charger



Amazon’s #1 Best-Seller in Solar Battery Chargers and Charging Kits


While many solar chargers exist, the Anker Solar Charger is heralded as one of the most lightweight and durable. At HomeBiogas, we are all about the practicality of innovation- which is why the Anker Solar Charger is our favorite. Weighing only 12.5 ounces and measuring 18 by 11 inches, the Anker Solar Charger is perfect for camping, beach trips, backpacking trips abroad, or just any old sunny day! Did we mention its also super affordable? Save the planet for $45? Yes, please.


2. Wonderbag


Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric, portable slow cooker.


HomeBiogas has found its best friend! The Wonderbag is a non-electric, portable container that slow cooks your food the eco-friendly way. Using insulation technology, the Wonderbag can slow-cook food for up to 12 hours. Unhealthy cooking conditions is a major global problem that we’ve mentioned here before. The Wonderbag is an incredible part of that solution. Imagine bringing soup to a boil (using HomeBiogas, of course) and then letting the Wonderbag keep cooking the soup waste-free for hours later. It’s a perfect marriage that is bound to create waste-free offspring!


3. Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe



Sunflair Deluxe Solar Oven
Sunflair® Solar Ovens are affordable, fun and easy.


The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe is the perfect way to cook an eco-friendly meal when you’re away from home. The low-tech design makes efficient use of the sun’s heat, while maintaining a convenient and simple experience. It’s incredibly portable, weighing only 1 pound, and folds into the size of a “seat cushion”- which, for all the camping we’re going to do this summer- is ideal. The Deluxe Solar Oven Kit even comes complete with cookware, dehydrating racks, and a thermometer. While this solar cooker doesn’t reach the highest temperatures compared to other models, its simple and chic design, highly portable nature, and user-friendliness make it one of our favorites!


4. iBamboo



Compatible with all iPhones 4 through 7!


What’s summer without speakers? And if speakers, then why not an all-natural set that uses nature’s genius form of amplification. We love this type of eco-innovation because minimalism is a powerful tool in sustainable living. These speakers are portable- so perfect for picnics and day trips- and are super affordable, as well, selling at only $25 a piece. iBamboo is the ultimate eco-friendly product as it is made out of 100% recycled materials, uses zero electricity, and like HomeBiogas, reminds people how perfect nature can be at fulfilling all of our needs!


5. GravityLight


Over 1.1 billion people still lack access to electricity.


Here’s a new form of renewable energy: gravity! The GravityLight uses- yup, you guessed it- gravity to power a house lamp. All you have to do is fill a bag with natural weights (sand, earth, etc), hang the lamp, and every 20-30 minutes lift the bag back up. This innovative technology can replace Kerosene for many in developing countries. Kerosene is an expensive and toxic energy source that the World Bank says is as harmful as smoking two packs of cigarettes per day. GravityLight, therefore, has the potential to improve the health, living conditions, and education of millions of people.


These are only some of the incredible innovations that are being developed every single day. The real list is endless! Read more on eco-friendly products like these, educate yourself and others, and spread the word! Readers like you are the people with the power to make eco- innovation and sustainable consumption a norm. Could you imagine a society that is full of recycled, carbon-neutral, renewable products that are actually safe and healthy for us?


What are some of your favorite eco-friendly products? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll publish a reader’s list!


Disclaimer: HomeBiogas does not make any commission from sales of these products. We just like spreading the word on sustainable living!


Written by:

Hilla Benzaken: a passionate foodie, environmentalist, and serial traveler. She writes on energy efficiency, healthy eating, and innovation.