Once a Customer, Now a Key Team Member

HomeBiogas backyard system
Alon with his HomeBiogas system

Alon Civier is HomeBiogas’ Customer Experience Manager: His duty is to help users operate their biogas systems so that they can generate clean energy, recycle more efficiently, and have a healthier environment. Is this a great job or what?

Before joining HomeBiogas, Alon worked for 9 years as a Pre-Sale Engineer at a large, global software corporation. During those years his job took him to different parts of the world. The frequent business trips allowed him to visit places like India and Brazil, where he was introduced to the social and environmental challenges that many of the developing countries face.

Alon decided to enroll in a sustainability course at the highly esteemed Heschel Center for Sustainability. There he acquired more knowledge about renewable energy and proper waste treatment, and decided to make a change in his personal life: he bought a HomeBiogas system. He uses the system to generate clean, renewable fuel for cooking and natural fertilizer for his plants. Shortly afterwards, he left the software field and started to work for HomeBiogas!


Here is a short interview, so you could learn a bit more about him and the HomeBiogas system

– You have come a long way from corporate software engineering. What should others who want to make this same shift do?

“I think that first you have to immerse yourself in knowledge. You should read and learn about the damage some of our daily, thoughtless habits cause to the environment, and this information will change you. You can’t help but start questioning yourself – do I really need to buy this? Can this item be recycled? Should I buy organic? Why? And then you ask more questions, and get more answers. A meaningful change of lifestyle and habits will only come about if you know why you’re doing it. And some things are hard to do, so you need to be realistic. I would love to be able to cycle to work, but I settle for joining a car pool… Nonetheless, I am positive every little thing makes a difference.”

– What do you like most about working at HomeBiogas?

“I like the positive energy at the office – everyone is so committed to the environmental cause. The founders really want to make a domestic biogas system that is accessible and convenient for everyone, everywhere; and so they understand the importance of good, knowledgeable customer experience.”

– What kind of service is given to users? Can they call you directly?

“Sure they can. I answer emails from users around the world every day. Last year I re-published a comprehensive System User Guide – that we now give out when you purchase a system. It starts off with The 5 Commandments of Using HomeBiogas, that you can print out and stick on your fridge.”


– What’s your best tip for system users?

“My advice is to make HomeBiogas part of your daily routine. Use the fertilizer for your garden, cook on the gas and feed your kitchen waste into the system every day or every other day. This way you keep the system running as efficiently as possible, and benefit from its usage. If you use it frequently, you will have a good customer experience.”

HomeBiogas System
Alon showing student how to use the biogas system


Some more fun facts about Alon:

  • His two-year old son helps him separate the organic waste in the kitchen and feed the biogas system.  He calls Alon ‘daddy biogas’!
  • He speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently
  • He grows some of his own veggies like cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce


If you have any questions about assembling and operating the system – Alon is the guy to contact. Email him at:  [email protected]