The Israeli Negev To Silicone Valley: EnergyVest 2016

Yair Teller
Yair Teller Speaking at EnergyVest Competition, Eilat Eilot
Last month HomeBiogas participated in the prestigious EnergyVest Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition for Israeli start-ups, hosted by the Ministry of Economy and the Israel Export Institute. The competition is held annually during the Eilat-Eilot Renewable and Clean Energy Conference. It is the leading renewable energy event in Israel.

On the second day of conference Oded Distel, Head of Israel NewTech, introduced some of the most promising start-ups at the Cleantech Open competition.

We were competing for a spot in the 2017 Silicon Valley accelerator Cleantech Forum in San Francisco.

Oded Distel - Eilat Eilot
Oded Distel - Eilat Eilot
There is a special feeling about The Eilat-Eilot conference – a truly unique atmosphere, perhaps because it is held in the holiday town of Eilat, down in the southern edge of Israel. A trip to this always-sunny town feels like a trip abroad; a dry and extraordinary place where experiments in renewable energy must succeed.

The other special thing about Eilat-Eilot is the entrepreneurial spirit – the singular gathering of professionals who dedicate their careers and their lives to making sustainable energy innovations happen. A gathering of people profoundly committed to fighting climate change.

The Negev Desert, Israel
The Negev Desert, Israel

We would like to use this humble spot to do our bit for spreading the word about a few other start-ups who, like HomeBiogas, work tirelessly to make renewable energy ideas materialize.

Here are some of the very best renewable energy innovations presented at EnergyVest 2016:

SolarPaint developed a coating technology able to turn any surface into a solar panel. The paint can be applied to outdoor signage, cars, buildings, and turn their coating into a functioning PV solar system. How cool is that!


ChakraTech manufactures a smart kinetic storage for electric vehicles. Electric car batteries can be charged in ten minutes by using their technology. This eco-friendly solution is totally clean, not chemical, not toxic and not polluting. Their goal is to enable EVs to keep on driving for many hours, even in rural areas or areas with weak grid.


Electroad wants to facilitate large scale adoption of pure electric vehicles in public transportation. They have developed a technology that powers buses wirelessly from the road while driving. Their solution is actually applicable to all electric vehicle. Passenger cars, buses and truck are responsible for about 25% percent of total annual greenhouse gas emissions. If electric powering of vehicles becomes easy and seamless, a revolution in transportation and in climate status can happen. For this impelling vision Electroad founders have won this year’s EnergyVest competition. We wish them best of luck in San Francisco and hope to hear more about them in the future.


See you all next year, at the 8th Eilat-Eilot conference!