Cooking Gas – Home made Vegan Sliders Video Recipe

Homemade Cooking Gas

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Meet Karin, a vegan chef and proud HomeBiogas – (the system that generates Cooking Gas ) owner for over a year. Karin uses her HomeBiogas system to cook delicious culinary creations. Recently, we had the opportunity to meet up with her and see our system in action—Oh, and we definitely sampled some of her yummy treats in the process!

Check out her easy DIY recipe for biogas veggie burgers


1.5 cups lentils (sprouted or boiled)

0.5 cup oats

0.5 cup walnuts


Spices to taste

Get creative with available leftovers! In the video Karin uses yesterday’s baked butternut squash.


  1.         Combine ingredients in a food processor
  2.         Blend to proper consistency
  3.         Mold into patties
  4.        Turn on cooking gas and light it up
  5.         Fry patties on your HomeBiogas flame
  6.         Eat plain or serve in pita with tomato and enjoy!

cooked on biogas, vegan patties

Written by: Hilla Benzaken

Hilla is a passionate foodie and environmentalist. She writes on energy efficiency,

food, and reducing waste.


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