Jaron’s Commitment to Preserving the Environment

Jaron and his family live in the north of Israel in a sustainably-conscious community called Timrat.  The Breitman family produces 3x the electricity they consume by using solar panels on the roof! They try to only use renewable energy because they are absolutely committed to preserving the environment. They decided to purchase the HomeBiogas system to lessen their fossil fuel use and fulfill their cooking needs in a sustainable way. 



Jaron  has had the upmost success with HomeBiogas. He and his family have not faced challenges creating biogas from their waste. On the contrary, the whole family has gotten on board, making feeding the system a daily routine.


Four Flames for Jaron

The success with the HomeBiogas system has allowed Jaron to experiment with different stovetop options. He retrofitted a Siemens stove, originally made for LPG, so that it would be compatible with biogas. The conversion is simple: all you need to do is take out the original nozzles (there’s one for each burner). After the conversion, Jaron managed to light four flames on biogas made from his backyard system! 

Four Flames HomeBiogas
Four Flames