Adina: Our Newest Biogas Sales Superstar


Last month we welcomed our newest member to the HomeBiogas team and ever since she has been making waves! Adina is one of our International Sales Consultants. She is an ambitious and enthusiastic go-getter, a quick learner, and a warm soul that immediately made friends with everyone in the office. We are positive that you will love her just as much as we do and hope that after reading her interview, you will be excited to reach out to her with any of your HomeBiogas questions!

The importance of sustainability was instilled in Adina and her 6 younger siblings from a very young age. Her mother, Ada, always insisted that they sort and compost their food waste. Growing up amongst the iconic Canadian greenery, she developed a deep understanding of the importance of conserving the natural environment. Her long-lived passion for the environment coupled with her devotion to quality customer service is what drove her to HomeBiogas where we welcomed her with arms wide open


woman with dogs
Adina with her dogs!

Tell Us About Yourself:

I am from a small town in Ontario, Canada named Almonte. I moved to Israel 6 years ago and spent my first year in Israel studying at Bar Ilan University’s International program. From then, I have spent the last 5 years working in international financial sales and customer relation development.

In my spare time, I like to walk down to the beach with my boyfriend and our three dogs Pablo, Molly, and Biggy. I also enjoy gardening in my backyard, reading, and listening to a wide array of music.


Why do you believe in the HomeBiogas product?

For some people it can seem hard to make sustainable changes in their lives because they don’t know where to start or what change to make. I personally believe that HomeBiogas can be an easy way for anyone to reduce their carbon footprint by making a small substitute to their kitchen routine. As long as people are made aware of these simple options, we can all move forwards towards a cleaner, healthier, and happier environment.


What do you like about working for HomeBiogas?

I am thrilled to be a part of the International Biogas Sales team because everyone at HomeBiogas is so intelligent, unique, and creative. I appreciate that the office is very dynamic – I work alongside experts and interns from across the globe, so I get to learn new things every day. In addition to the great work environment, I’m a big fan of our office’s organic garden. Every day it provides us with fresh produce that we cook delicious meals with using our HomeBiogas stove and then enjoy it all together at lunchtime.


Describe your job:

My position is within the International Biogas Sales team. I work with clients from all around the world who have an interest in or questions regarding the HomeBiogas system. I am here to provide all the information and service one needs to build a long-term relationship with us.


What’s your best tip for system users?

The sky’s the limit with the HomeBiogas system! Once you start to create your own energy and fertilizer, you can really open your mind to additional ways to utilize these bioproducts further. Some of my clients have started growing their own gardens, bottling and selling the natural fertilizer, demonstrating the system for educational programs and institutes, or just being satisfied with their off-grid supply of energy!


Can customers reach out to you? How can they contact you?

Anyone can contact me with their inquiries about the HomeBiogas system. Whether you’re ready to buy or have a long list of questions, you can reach me via telephone at +1(323)906-7874 (USA) or via email at [email protected].