A Practical Guide to Combat Black Friday

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays where Americans of all races and religions can come together and celebrate the same cause. Recently though, another holiday has become just as inclusive- anyone who has any method of payment can take part. This holiday is called Black Friday. Black Friday has conveniently piggybacked onto Thanksgiving, detracting from the down-time Thanksgiving provides. 




For the non-American readers, Black Friday is the informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States,  which is characterized by shopping promotions at major retailers. Stores open super early, and more recently, even during overnight hours, enticing deal-hungry customers to camp out and line up to get first dibs on popular discounted products.


The Black Friday holiday certainly has a questionable origin. In the 1950’s the term Black Friday was used by police in the city of Philadelphia to describe the chaos that ensued yearly when thousands of suburban residents flooded into the city for the big Army-Navy football game. There was mass disorder and a huge spike in crime. The term was also used in 1869 to refer to the financial crisis which occurred when the stock market crashed and the economy collapsed. These unfortunate events really do merit the nickname Black Friday.  



In the 1980’s however, retailers managed to reinvent Black Friday and turn the term that had negative connotations it into something that reflected positively on retailers and their customers. They crafted a story that Black Friday signified retail companies marking their accounting books in the color black when in profit, and in red when in loss. AKA- red was bad, black was good! This lame Black Friday story somehow stuck, and pretty soon, the term’s darker roots were forgotten.


Since then, the one-day sales bonanza has morphed into a week-long event, including “retail holidays” such as Small Business Saturday/Sunday and Cyber Monday. Shoppers become in a frenzy, rushing out of their family festivities, in order to purchase items at a discounted price. As a result, there has been outrageous instances of violence. There has been stampedes, stabbings, and assaults, in some cases leading to loss of life. All for what? For a TV set? For a new toy? As seen in recent years, Black Friday brings out the worst in human nature. 




Instead of subscribing to this madness, we encourage you take a step back and take more rational actions. First and foremost, try to enjoy Thanksgiving! Cherish the time spent with your family, friends or loved ones. Stay at home, take much needed naps, eat and play board games (if these are your traditions of course.)  Don’t let a material desires cut your holiday and quality time short.


Next, if you do want to cash in on sales, try to chose companies that fit your value system. If human rights are important to you, chose to buy from a company that you know doesn’t exploit their workers and pays them fair wages; if animal protection is your top priority, shop at a company that refuses to test their products on animals and doesn’t practice factory farming; if you care about social justice, then chose companies that don’t discriminate based on age, sexuality, religion or ethnicity; and finally, if your passion is helping the environment, then support a company that recycles, creates renewable energy or tries to lessen global warming.


You may not realize it, but you have a huge amount of power every single day. Every time you purchase an item, you are casting your vote at the checkout line. Think of yourself as a consumer activist. Each time you chose company X over company Y, you are sending a strong signal to American companies that you will not accept what you believe to be unethical behavior. This can radically shape the way our companies behave.



So now, we are going to skip the marketing messages and tell you plain and simple how HomeBiogas meets all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Why? Because we have worked hard to create a company that has high morals and adheres to its values. We do care about doing good in the world and creating a change. We want our customers to chose us based on our virtues and not because of an impulsive purchase, rock-bottom price or phony sales tactic. 


  1. No Poverty – Helps the global poor spend less money on charcoal, receive free and sustainable energy, save money on fertilizer or sell it as an added revenue stream.
  2. Zero Hunger – Our biogas stove can be used to cook with, and the liquid fertilizer increases yield.
  3. Good Health and Well-Being – Eliminates indoor air pollution, contributing to the wellbeing of the 3 billion people worldwide who still cook on an open fire.
  4. Quality Education – Teaches families and communities about the values of sustainability, reuse, and use of renewable resources.
  5. Gender Equality – Less time spent for women collecting firewood, less shame for women associated with open defecation.
  6. Clean Water and Sanitation – Reduces open defecation so human pathogens aren’t released into water bodies, controls release of pathogens from animal manure into the environment.
  7. Affordable and Clean Energy – Eliminates use of fossil fuels and creates free renewable energy
  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth – No longer have to spend money on charcoal, derive energy from waste products like human manure, fertilizer can be used as a revenue stream.
  9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure – An innovative product that can be mass produced. The product was developed with our insights into the changes of how people live, produce food waste, and move from villages into cities.
  10. Reduced Inequalities – Helps people across the socioeconomic spectrum achieve energy independence and sustainable waste management
  11. Sustainable Cities and Communities – Saves food from the landfill and stops pollution from wood and charcoal burning
  12. Responsible Consumption and Production – Allows consumers to eliminate food waste from their homes, and to produce their own renewable energy without relying on fossil fuels
  13. Climate Action – Reduces methane emissions and staves off use of fossil fuels
  14. Life Below Water – Prevents animal and human manure from going into water bodies, reduces nitrogen pollution
  15. Life On Land – Prevents deforestation, stops accumulation of organic waste in landfills.
  16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions – HomeBiogas has worked with the EU and the Peres Center for Peace to bring biogas systems to Palestinian villages and bridge the Israel–Palestine divide.
  17. Partnerships for the Goals – HomeBiogas is passionate about making connections with institutions around the world, from our projects in Rwanda to our work in Palestinian communities.


As can be seen, HomeBiogas meets all 17 UN SUstainable Development Goals!  On Black Friday, if you want to shop, which it’s okay if you do, chose to support a company that meets one or more of the UN goals. Here are 3 resources to guide your purchasing decisions.


How Good – The best source of information on the food you eat

Project Just – Informing you of your fashion decisions

Ethical Barcode -Uncover what you’re truly supporting when you spend at the grocery store


You’re buying dollars are powerful and can make a change, good luck.