Are you Looking to promote Sustainable Housing Products?

You are invited to explore Homebiogas system that was nominated as one of the revolutionary Sustainable Housing Products for the year 2016

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please read our

distributorship guideline below.


(Please note: we only operate in tropic and sub-tropic climates above 17ºC (66ºF). HomeBiogas systems need the heat for consistent and efficient gas production and do not function properly in colder climates.)


We are looking for established companies with the necessary resources and a proven track record in the following fields: inventory management; financial ability to order stock; warehouse or other designated space to hold stock, and experience in marketing, sales, and customer support.

Strong Advantage- knowledge and background in clean-tech & Sustainable Housing Products


HomeBiogas distributor prerequisites:

All HomeBiogas distributors are required to:

  1. Establish a local demonstration sight with two systems. Systems must be fully constructed and operating, and a certified HomeBiogas technician must be in charge of overseeing the demo.
  2. Purchase a minimum order of 24 units (2 pallets).
  3. Complete a HomeBiogas certified technician training course (at HomeBiogas facilities or on site).

If the outline above fits your current business operation, please continue by telling us more about your organization:

i.e. what is your current business, what is your professional background, what is the specific market opportunity you perceive in your region


If you wish to promote Sustainable Housing Products you can re-sell The HomeBiogas system in your region but your operation is not yet at the business capacity described above, we recommend (from our experience) to buy your first HomeBiogas system right now, set it up to work, and experience it!

We can discuss re-selling options afterwards.

Looking forward to hear back from you!




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